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coconut sugar Gives more benefits than you think

coconut sugar It is one of the sweeteners that Thai people like to use in cooking and desserts. Many people may not know how its benefits are different from sugar. Come learn from this article.      It is known that sugar is considered by everyone

Fruits that you shouldn’t eat when losing weight 

  After we learned from the previous topic about fruits for weight loss. Of course, as we said, not all fruits are good to eat. If you accidentally eat too much, you may gain more weight than you lose. We would like to take everyone to

Causes of dry, cracked, and damaged hair

Causes of dry, cracked, and damaged hair. Start by observing for yourself whether girls have these behaviors that cause hair loss. If so, I recommend that they stop. Because otherwise the girls’ hair It may be so bad that you can’t get the loan back

How To Care For Your Teeth And Oral Health During Orthodontic Treatment?

Everyone wants to have clean, beautiful, and attractive teeth, especially those who have problems with protruding teeth, crowded teeth, or crooked teeth. Orthodontics is one way to make the alignment of teeth look better. Have a more beautiful smile But during orthodontic treatment Those who

“Chinese New Year” and how choose food worship gain merit

“Chinese New Year” and how to choose food to worship to gain merit Get good health. Food use to worship during the Chinese New Year festival In addition to having to choose carefully May it auspicious for life. And in order to fully respect the ancestors. It must also

Ways to care for your feet t safe and healthy

Ways to care for your feet safe and healthy. Feet are considered important organs that help take us to where we want to go. Let’s see ufabet How to take care of your feet to keep them safe and healthy to make life easy. During

Acid reflux can prevente before it becomes a chronic disease.

Acid reflux can prevente before it becomes a chronic disease. Everyone probably knows that. Eating behavior That is one important factor. of the causes that cause acid reflux symptoms , but if we don’t have good prevention, it can cause it to become a chronic disease. So let’s look at the

Frequent chest pain, heart disease, or acid reflux

Frequent chest pain, heart disease, or acid reflux. Every time you have chest pain Everyone always thinks of “heart disease” as one of the top diseases. Especially chest pain who also have symptoms of fatigue It may be a sign of heart disease without us knowing. In diagnosing heart disease,