Manchester United player has warned Martinez

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Manchester United player has warned Martinez.

Former Manchester United defender Jaap Stam has warn youngster Lisandro Martinez to tone down a bit and focus more on facing opponents.

The Argentine defender is considered a player. Who has help to enhance the Red Devils’ defensive game. Allowing them to perform in the Premier League with great wins in their last four games.

However, in the latest game, Martinez came on as a substitute and caused Manchester United to lose on penalties narrowly lost to Real Sociedad with a narrow 0-1 score. After the game Stam gave an interview. With the local media about the form of the young defender of the Red Devils team that

“In the defensive game he look very aggressive. Maybe he should be wary of the opposing strikers. Don’t get hit or play too hard.”

“But that’s what you learn from playing in the Premier League and against big teams. Which is full of better players than he has seen in Holland. And this is what he has to use,” Stam said.

Martinez’s impressive form for Ajax last season caught the eye of Arsenal. Who were previously offer 35 million pounds (about 1.50 pounds). billion baht) to close the deal, this 24-year-old footballer. But was rejecte.