Ways to care for your feet t safe and healthy

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Ways to care for your feet safe and healthy.

Feet are considered important organs that help take us to where we want to go. Let’s see ufabet https://ufabet999.app How to take care of your feet to keep them safe and healthy to make life easy.

During the rainy season. When the weather is inclement, the weather is not pleasant. In addition, many people may encounter flooding problems or have to walk through water. Each day that If for a long time. That dirty water may the source of various types of germs and also result in many diseases such as foot rot, skin disease, and leptospirosis, etc.

Therefore, the most important thing during the rainy season is to take care of your feet to keep them clean and have good foot health regularly. To reduce the risk to various diseases, especially those with diabetes If there is a severe infection, the foot or leg may need to amputate.

Take care your feet safe and healthy.

● Apply lotion and nourishing cream after cleaning the feet and the instep, soles, heels, and toenails. Avoid applying in the crevices of the toes because it can easily cause dampness, especially for those who have crevices. Toes that are pressed together and people with diabetes often have skin. That is relatively dry may cause itching and wounds. You should use lotion or you should use a thin layer of cream to add moisture. But it should lotion that can absorb. into the skin quickly To help prevent slipping and falling.

● Wear socks to help maintain skin moisture and help reduce friction. Choose socks that have no seams, are not too tight, and should change your socks every day.

● Wear shoes regularly by choosing shoes. That are the right size for your feet, not too loose or too tight, both while walking inside the house and outside. Do not walk barefoot. Avoid or do not wear sandals that Use your toes or shoes. That are made from rubber or plastic because it will give you a chance. where friction occurs It’s easy to get injured.

● Toenails should cut as short as possible along the edge of the nail.

 Without cutting nails Until deep into the cuticles and toenails should be cut. With care and should cut in the correct way.

● Clean your feet every day with soap and rinse with clean water. After that, use a clean, soft cloth such as a towel to dry your feet every time, Especially In the area between the toes

● Examine your feet. Thoroughly check every day. Including the area between the toes to see if there are any sores, calluses, corns, cracks, or other abnormalities that may exist under the feet. You may use a mirror to look at the area of ​​the soles of your feet. If you have problems seeing, you should have relatives inspect your feet for you.

● Do not soak your feet in warm water or use heating devices such as hot water bottles on your feet.

● If you have calluses, warts, or corns, you should consult a doctor for treatment. Do not cut calluses, warts, or corns yourself.

● If abnormalities or injuries are found. You should see a doctor immediately. Should see the doctor at regular appointments People with diabetes should have their feet thoroughly examined at least once a year, or more as appropriate. So it will be the best.